Join storytellers Susan Lenoe and Lani Peterson in this dramatic historical representation of an interactive “parlor meeting” with Sarah and Angelina Grimke.

On a whirlwind tour in 1837, Angelina and Sarah Grimke of South Carolina, visited more than 70 towns in Massachusetts to tell first hand of the horrors of slavery. Speaking out in public, challenging Northerners’ fears of abolition, Sarah and Angelina’s determined voices swayed the direction of the anti-slavery debate. The first women to address a state (Massachusetts) legislature, their daring call to action planted the seeds for the future of the suffragist movement.

Set in the aftermath of the Philadelphia riots and burning of Pennsylvania Hall in the spring of 1838, Susan and Lani as Sarah and Angelina Grimke bring to life these forgotten heroines. This powerful story of two women who find the courage to act upon their convictions will educate and inspire young people of today.

This hour long program is perfect for Black History month (February) or Women’s History month (March). Recent performances include: Shore Country Day School, The Alcott House, The Littleton Lyceum, The Connecticut Storytelling Festival, Topsfield Historical Society, Northeastern University through a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities.